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Cittadella is a small village with just over 20,000 inhabitants, it was born in the medieval period and remained as such. We are indeed facing a lovely place, situated in the fertile plains of Veneto, not far from the capital of Padua, Vicenza and Bassano del Grappa.

The walls

The center is enclosed by high walls, dotted with towers and surrounded by a moat. The walls were built for military purposes in 1220. The entire route wall is the main attraction of Cittadella and the walkway is passable on foot, even with a guided tour.

The Cathedral

In the historical center is the Duomo, with interesting frescoes and a splendid altarpiece. The architecture of the religious building dates back to the eighteenth century.

The Tower of Malta

The tower of Malta, robust building is constructed within port Padova, built in 1251 by Ezzelino III da Romano, despotic ruler of the area, as a prison for his enemies is a fortress that became a notorious because of the atrocities committed there , so that Dante mentions it in his Divine Comedy.